Friday, April 22, 2016

Real Estate Lawyer Coral Springs

Real Estate Lawyer Coral Springs

3 huge tips when buying a new home by an attorney

1) Hire an experienced real estate lawyer to guide you through this process

The real estate contract governs the terms of the sale of the property between the parties.  Each real estate contract in Florida contains an 3 Day Review Period.  This is the three-day period starting on the day when the contract is signed in which both the buyer and the seller can have the contract reviewed by a Florida lawyer.  Smart owners take advantage of this policy and get the contract reviewed by a Coral Springs real estate lawyer before it is signed right away during this period. 

In Coral Springs Florida it is the title company or seller's attorney who is responsible for the home closing. Regardless you will want an experienced real estate lawyer there protecting your interest until the deed is recorded in your name. 

2) Get a home inspection 

Unless you are a contractor, you aren't going to be able to see inside the house and determine all the needed repairs that are looming around the corner. If a home is over ten years old, a home inspector is necessary to disclose to you what repairs need to be made on the property prior to the purchase.

Florida contracts have a home inspection contingency clause that is typically 15 days from the execution date. This clause will enable the parties to negotiate what repairs may need to be made as a condition of settlement.  Getting a home inspection will give you the peace of mind of eliminating any surprises in the purchase of a home and allow you to negotiate a better price!

3) Review the zoning ordinances

A new buyer should review the permitted uses for the subject property.  Further, consider the zoning in the surrounding area as well.  Is there any significant development contemplated in the surrounding area?  These issues can impact the value of your home as well as your quality of life.  Traffic, pollution, crime, loud noises, and odors can all result when commercial zoning is developing in or around a residential neighborhood. A real estate lawyer Coral Springs can help you avoid this!

There are numerous issues that can arise during the course of a real estate transaction and  no one can predict what they will be exactly... Therefore, it is vital that you hire an expert lawyer that who will be looking after your best interests throughout the course of the real estate transaction in Florida.

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